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Jessica is absolutely amazing! She’s taught me so many useful techniques for making my hair look it’s curly beautiful best. She asks all the perfect questions to help me refine my hair routine so that I will get great results. If you have curly hair, I guarantee that Jessica will help you turn it into the gorgeous head of curls that you will adore. She’s a true artist and a delight to spend time with.

Stacy L.

I’ve been looking for a stylist to cut my curls for three years because I’ve had so many bad experiences with places claiming they can work with curly hair and actually having no knowledge, and I couldn’t trust stylists touching my hair anymore. I finally decided to go to Jessica after seeing her Instagram and it was the best hair appointment I’ve ever been to. Right off the bat you can tell that she is so passionate and knowledgeable while also being such a great person to talk to. She addressed my concerns perfectly and talked me through the entire thing so I can recreate the styling at home. She was honest when I asked a question that she couldn’t answer and periodically checked up on me to make sure the cut was going exactly how i wanted. The price is higher than I’m used to but after the appointment I realized that I’m paying for her expansive knowledge and I’m walking away with skills that I’ll be able to use until I’m old and my hair falls out. I’m never going to another stylist again!

Bella R.

Jessica is a true gem! I recently moved to Sebastopol from LA and within two months of being here, the hard water from our well has done a number to my curly hair! Jessica did a deep detox to remove mineral build up and cut, and really helped take the time to explain each step in her process so I had a better understanding as to what was going on with my hair! I felt like I was going to the hair doctor and left with such great advice and healthy hair! I can't recommend her enough. I had the best experience!

Chelsea D.

Jess is the ABSOLUTE BEST hair dresser that I have ever found. Her willingness to learn new techniques while also sharing those techniques is beautiful. I’m grateful that a friend referred me to her a few years ago. I will go to her for as long as I can. Anyone with curly hair MUST visit Jess!

Christina G.

Getting your hair cut can be daunting and sometimes stressful, but Jessica ensures that her clients are comfortable from the moment they book. Jessica is friendly and truly passionate about what she does, not to mention how amazing she is at working with curly hair. She showed me how to care for and style my natural curls and totally transformed my hair! I really recommend scheduling an appointment with her, even if you only have the slightest wave to your hair.

Laura Y,

Jessica embodies what we all hope for in a hair stylist: Professional, detail oriented, fun and kind. I highly recommend her! She’s given me confidence in learning how to style my naturally wavy hair.

Maria M.

Jessica is the best! She really takes the time to learn about your hair and what you want out of it. She's honestly been the best hair stylist I've ever been to and is so talented. Other than that, she's very sweet and kind. I love her!

Melissa H.

New to the area and have been looking relentlessly for a new stylist for my curly dew. The search has ended. Jessica is a boss when it comes to knowing curly hair. Family owned and reasonably priced. Love love love her personality and her mad curly hair skills!

Robin A.

I have been going to Jessica for all of my hair needs for YEARS - actually, since right when she became licensed. I will be a long term client as long as I live in Sonoma County. She always goes above and beyond to make sure that my hair turns out exactly how I want, and I can't imagine what I would do without her awesome skills. She is kind, she is efficient, and she is always going to be honest with you. Thanks Jessica!

Jamie C.

I don't normally write reviews but Jessica is amazingly talented & beautiful and everyone deserves to know it! If you are looking for someone to do your hair, Jessica is your girl. I've been going to her for years and have never once left her chair feeling disappointed. She does amazing work every time & is the only person I've ever let color my hair. She is the balayage queen & a true artist! Not only does she do beautiful work but she's fun to chat with, making the whole appointment an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Definitely check her out, you won't only find a new hair stylist but you'll also make a new friend.

Laura B.

Jessica is a warm and welcoming host into her salon and a true professional. She took her time to listen and understand what I wanted and used her expertise to give me a beautiful haircut and experience. 

Cheryl H.

I love my haircuts by Jessica Funk! She’s always so warm, friendly, and really takes the time to listen to my hair goals. I’ve never had my hair look or feel as healthy or shiny as it does when Jessica takes care of it. Booking an appointment is very quick and easy with her online scheduler and text and email reminder system. Plenty of parking in the back of the salon. I’ve since moved out of state, but believe me- whenever I’m back in town, I look forward to booking an appointment with Jessica!

Alicha L.

I love Jessica! She is so friendly and easy to talk to! I have been going to her for about 1 year and half when I started my curly hair journey! She knows what she is doing! I used to go to a different girl for coloring, but she messed up my hair and I ran to Jessica screaming for help! She saved my hair and now she is my solo go to person for hair anything! She is great at cutting/coloring naturally curly hair and everything in between!

Tina C.

"Jessica is amazing. I have been wearing my hair curly for about a year now but when I got home from my cut my partner thought she had curled it with a wand it looked so good. She really takes her time to listen to your goals, get to know you and your hair and provide you with tips and tricks you can actually use at home. I am so happy to have found Jessica and can’t wait to go back!"

Caitlyn D.

Jessica is who to see! She didn't just do my hair color and cut, she educated me on managing my curly locks! I have been straightening my curly hair most of my life so I didn't really have a knack. She has a very generous way about her and very helpfully showed me many new tricks to make friends with my hair. This is a very talented gal who loves what she does!

Jennifer S.

Absolute perfection!!!! Jessica is warm and bubbly, and so much fun to spend time with. She not only takes her time with your cut and style, but she educates you all along the way so that you yourself can achieve that salon style look! As someone with extremely curly hair, I can honestly say this is the best curly hair cut I have ever received! Going to do my best to use the skills she’s given me to repeat the magic on my own!

Danielle E.

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