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  • How do I contact you?
    The best way to contact me is via email at, I'll respond to any emails within 48 business hours. I choose to keep my phone for personal use only. All of my booking can be done through If you have questions on what to book, don't hesitate to send me an email.
  • What are your hours?
    I'm in the salon Monday-Thursday with the following hours: Monday 11am-6pm Tuesday 9am-4pm Wednesday 11am-6pm Thursday 11:30am-6pm
  • I can't find a time that works for me online!
    All of the times listed on Vagaro are what I have available - there are no appointments hiding! I no longer take appointments in the evenings, so my last service is typically available around 3-5pm depending on the length of the service. I hope your schedule can allow you a morning or afternoon appointment so we can get together.
  • Why do service prices say "starting at"?"
    Everyone's hair is different! All services are tailored to each individual to provide the best results - depending on your hair and desired results, this can sometimes take extra product and/or extra time. Some curly haircuts are performed on very long or thick hair and take twice as much product. Some color services are more dramatic and need 4 extra bowls of color. Any additional charges are to cover this product and time cost.
  • How should I wear my hair to my appointment?
    Whether you're receieving a Curly Haircut or color service, I'll be able to provide you with the best results if you've washed your hair recently. Day 1-2 hair is optimal, and please make sure your hair is completely dry when you arrive to your appointment. Pease refrain from wearing your hair in a ponytail, pineapple, bun, clips etc to your appointment. Product in your hair is completely fine.
  • Do you work on straight hair?
    I am currently only taking new clients who have wavy, curly, or coily hair. Your straight hair is beautiful! But my passion lies with cutting, styling, and educating those with curls and I choose to focus my time on those services. If you need a recommendation for a stylist that is great with straight hair, let me know.
  • Do you cut hair curl-by-curl?
    It depends. Every curly haircut is 100% customized to your needs, and I will never force a technique of cutting somebody isn't comfortable with. I love curl by curl cutting, but it isn't the answer for every hair texture. You can always feel comfortable expressing any requests or concerns at your appointment!
  • What's the difference between balayage/highlights/foilage?
    Glad you asked! I'll give you a quick breakdown here: Balayage is a term for hand painted highlights. These usually process with plastic wrap, or just in the open air, unlike highlights done with foils. Balayage provides the most subtle, sunkissed results. Balayage is great for those who just want a slight contrast in their hair color. Balayage appointments are great for low maintenance color - most of my balayage clients go 4-6 months between color appointments because of the subtle effect and easy grow out. Highlights/foilage are done with foils in the hair, which can provide a more dramatic effect on the hair. But, gone are the days when foils have to mean you'll end up super blonde, all the way to your scalp. With foilage, your highlights can be extremely customized. Foiling work is extremely detailed and can also provide a blonder highlight.
  • Can I go blonde in one appointment?
    Maybe. Your hair and its history will be in charge of this, though. A history of dark and/or box color, heat damage, drugstore product buildup, silicone or shea butter buildup, SPLAT/Manic Panic/Overtone, etc. can seriously compromise the results we may be able to get in the salon. I will always be honest about what I think we can achieve with color. I would rather disappoint you by being real with what we can achieve, rather than damage your hair or give you unrealistic expectations. I am not a magician and will always listen to the health integrity of your hair.
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