Curl Makeover: Curly Haircut for New Clients ($225+)

Get ready to see your natural hair transform!

My signature experience for new clients includes:

Customized curly haircut, personalized to your curls

Detox to remove any product/environmental buildup

Hairbath and conditioning experience with Innersense Organic Beauty

Hands on styling tutorial so you know exactly how to treat your curls at home

Signature Service

All color sessions are priced on an hourly basis, which makes life easier for both of us! Let me tell you why...

Hourly Pricing for all Color Services

No need to worry about techniques

Have you ever gone to book color with a stylist and wondered what services you're actually supposed to book?

Here, you don't need to figure out if you need a balayage, foils, toners, or deep conditioners.

Custom Services

My color services are extremely detailed and personalized to each individual.

My work is designed for quality and longevity.  My hourly pricing includes any and all coloring techniques it may take to reach your hair goals. 


I do not double book clients. This means, for the duration of your appointment, you have my full attention. I am honored you will trust me with your curls, and our one-on-one time is important to me. 

Fair & neutral

Pricing based on final result and time spent is more fair for you and for me, rather than basing on gender or technique used. 

2 Hours

Basic color (touch up/all over/gloss)

Curly cut with wash & style

2.5 Hours

Subtle color shifts going darker with multiple colors or minimal highlights

3 Hours


4 Hours

Dramatic blonding/highlights

5 Hours+

Color correction/extreme transformations

Average Service Times