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A bit about myself...

I'm Jessica, and it's my mission to help those who have spent their lives struggling with the natural curls and waves of their hair - helping them to gain confidence, embrace their natural beauty and identity, and become that much more of their true self. 

I’ve curated Aura Curl Studio to be an escape where you don’t have to feel self conscious about the hair you come in with. I welcome all curls, and vow to keep your experience relaxed, non-judgmental, educational, and fun!

Your natural hair doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

I’ve been a licensed stylist for 8 years, and grew up in the salon setting (my dad still does hair!). Since my journey started, my fascination with the hair industry has grown into quite the obsession. I take pride in the fact that I invest time into trainings to advance my curly skills and to make sure your digital experience with me is seamless.


Some of my past technical training includes Curly Hair Artistry, DevaCurl, Desert Curls, Forever Curls with Leysa Carrillo, and many more, but honestly? I’ve learned the most through my one on one client experiences!

I'm here to give you a safe space and I honor people from all walks of life. While we're together, we can laugh, you can vent, or feel free to grab an issue of Curl Magazine and just relax quietly with a glass of sparkling wine while I sculpt your curls.


My true vision as a natural curl stylist is to create a generational ripple effect... So many of my clients were never taught how to care for their hair because their parents never had guidance either. I love teaching people of all ages that your hair is UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, AND EASY TO MANAGE.

Exercise keeps me sane, I absolutely adore my cat, and cooking is my jam! If you want to talk recipes, I'm your girl. And yes, I always want to see pictures of your pets.


Want to join me on this journey? I'm here for you when you're ready to book your appointment. You're going to look amazing, feel confident, and look more like your true self than ever. 

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