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A bit about myself...

I'm Jessica, and it's my mission to help those who have spent their lives struggling with the natural curls and waves of their hair - helping them to gain confidence, embrace their natural beauty and identity, and become that much more of their true self. 

I’ve curated Aura Curl Studio to be an escape where you don’t have to feel self conscious about the hair you come in with. I welcome all curls, and vow to keep your experience relaxed, non-judgmental, educational, and fun!


I’ve been a licensed stylist for 8 years, and grew up in the salon setting (my dad still does hair, and both of my parents have cosmetology licenses.). Since my journey started, my fascination with the hair industry has grown into quite the obsession. I take pride in the fact that I invest time into trainings to advance my curly skills and to make sure your digital experience with me is seamless.


Some of my technical training includes hands on classes Curly Hair Artistry, DevaCurl, Desert Curls, Forever Curls, and more, but honestly? I’ve learned the most through my one on one client experiences! After working on hundreds of heads of hair, I've gotten to experience a lot and have loved every moment.

I'm here to give you a safe space and I honor people from all walks of life. While we're together, we can laugh, you can vent, or feel free to grab an issue of Curl Magazine and just relax quietly with a glass of sparkling wine while I sculpt your curls.


My true vision as a natural curl stylist is to create a generational ripple effect... So many of my clients were never taught how to care for their hair because their parents never had guidance either. I love teaching people of all ages that your hair is UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, AND EASY TO MANAGE.

Exercise keeps me sane, I absolutely adore my boyfriend, Dima and our cat, Sasha, and cooking is my jam! If you want to talk recipes, I'm your girl. And yes, I always want to see pictures of your pets.


Want to join me on this journey? I'm here for you when you're ready to book your appointment. You're going to look amazing, feel confident, and look more like your true self than ever. 

A personal note...

Many of us were bullied about the frizziness of our curly hair as children and teens. We all have a story. Even into adulthood, we’ve been told our hair “needs to be brushed” or looks “unprofessional”. Many of us were not taught by our parents how to care for our hair, because they didn’t know what to do either.


When I went to school at age 13 with my hair straightened for the first time, I’ll never forget how many other kids told me how pretty my hair looked. I’d never heard this before (other than from my mom, love you Mom!). I proceeded to absolutely fry my hair with a flat iron until age 21, damaging it to the point of constant breakage. I would then wear clip in extensions daily to hide the damage. All of the following photos show my “side bangs” (they were just broken hair) while I had my extensions in. I was so insecure and didn’t know any other way. The one time I wore my hair naturally to high school, I was ridiculed for “trying to look like” another girl with curly hair. I felt stupid the rest of the day and gave up again.


I’ve also heard countless stories about hair stylists telling clients their hair is difficult, needs to be chemically straightened, or turned down for services (which can potentially be better than getting your hair butchered besides the fact). I was told by one of the most reputable stylists in my town that my hair was “bad” while I was in beauty school. This stuff is traumatizing, let’s acknowledge that first!

Your hair isn't bad, difficult, or broken. It just needs to be treated with love and a little technique.


Whether your story is similar or different to mine, I’m here to help you open a new chapter of self acceptance.


Do not be ashamed of your curls or frizziness. Do not feel like you need to beat your hair into submission or douse it in oils (this does more harm than good). We have been told most of our lives how to “fix” our hair and its not uncommon to have internalized this for years. Let this be the beginning of your journey to know your hair is BEAUTIFUL and does NOT need to be FIXED.


I’m here to help you open a new chapter of self acceptance. It’s time to break the mold, understand our hair does not make us any less worthy of a certain job, outfit, love, and self acceptance. What we can do now is treat our hair a certain way to enhance its health as much as possible! Treating your natural hair right and creating routines to nurture it is a form of self love that can change everything.


Hey, if you want to wear your hair straight, I love that for you as well. But if you’re here, I’m guessing that’s not the case.


If you’re ready to be open, try new things, and think about your hair in a WHOLE different way, let's do this!.

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