A bit about myself...

I'm Jessica, and it's my mission to help women who have spent their lives struggling with the natural curls and waves of their hair - helping them to gain confidence, embrace their natural beauty and identity, and become that much more of their true self. 


Spin classes keep me sane, dogs make me happy, cooking is my jam, and I love visiting new places! If you're a travel bug or want talk recipes, I'm your girl. And yes, I always want to see pictures of your pets.

Your natural hair doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

I'll be there for your hair journey from the time you're ready to put down your flat iron. We will go through your first styling of your curls together, step by step. 

I've received training from many inspiring curl stylists at Curly Hair Artistry, DevaCurl, Desert Curls, and more. I take pride in the fact that I invest in advanced curl cutting and color education on a regular basis, each and every year. 

I'm here to give you a safe space - we can laugh, you can vent, or feel free to grab a magazine and just relax quietly with a glass of wine while I sculpt your curls. You're going to look amazing, feel confident, and look more like your true self than ever. 

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